Parasites! Where do they come from? The human body is amazing & we have defenses to fend off parasite invaders. One MVP is our stomach acid which stops invaders in their track with the high acidic environment. When our defenses are down, our chances of our parasite load becoming too elevated increases. Not to mention, parasites are excellent at hiding [...]

Make Your Own Magnesium Bicarbonate

Make your own Magnesium Bicarbonate, one of the most powerful forms of magnesium. Magnesium + Bicarbonate ✨ enhance each other ✨ – magnesium helps drive the bicarbonate into the cells & the bicarbonate acts as a carrier to get the magnesium into your mitochondria 🔋 = more ATP⚡️! Minerals provide the spark needed to kick [...]

Detox Tools to Utilize During a Parasite Protocol

Solfeggio Frequencies – listening can bring on feelings of peace, calm & are known to promote overall well-being. An optimal whole mind, body, spirit tool to utilize daily during journaling, meditating, practicing gratitude, prayer, reading, during a detox bath or coffee enema & more. My favorite frequency is 528 Hz. Binders – if you are [...]

Foundational Tips During a Parasite Cleanse

Avoid common sources of contamination: While going through a parasite protocol it’s a good idea to avoid common sources of parasites. Avoid Pork which commonly harbors different types of parasites like protozoa, Toxoplasma gondii & Sarcocystis spp., & the helminths Trichinella spp. & Taenia spp.This is a good time to make sure your pets are flea-free [...]