Signs & Symtoms of an Elevated Parasite Load

Like Dr. Todd Watts from Cellcore says “If you have a pulse, you have a parasite.” When it comes to a root cause approach, parasite assessment is a fundamental part of the process. Parasites – really gross to think about – but we all have them. What we need to determine is: are our levels too high & are they having a negative impact on our microbiome? An elevated parasite load can become an issue & drive quite a few dis-eases in the body along with creating a cascade of issues that affect digestion, bowel movements, energy, mitochondria, your skin, your immune system, your detox optimization & more. It also may be the missing piece needed to get off the merry-go-round of endless protocols.

Not only are they the thing of nightmares they steal your nutrients, can affect your sleep, cause a range of GI issues, affect your energy & emotions, further tax your immune system making you more susceptible to other infections, & to top it off they are experts at hiding from your immune system & do all they can to not be eradicated even creating comfy homes for themselves complete with camouflage decor called biofilms.

Testing has limitations as most only test for a handful of parasites & don’t account for the parasite life cycle, options I utilize along with an extensive client medical history, exposures & signs & systems are bloodwork, bio-resonance & muscle testing.  
🐛 Have you ever addressed parasites? There is a full moon coming up, take note of this list & see if you experience any increase in these signs or new ones pop up during the week of the full moon.


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