Foundational Tips During a Parasite Cleanse

Avoid common sources of contamination: While going through a parasite protocol it’s a good idea to avoid common sources of parasites.

  • Avoid Pork which commonly harbors different types of parasites like protozoa, Toxoplasma gondii & Sarcocystis spp., & the helminths Trichinella spp. & Taenia spp.
  • This is a good time to make sure your pets are flea-free & up to date on their deworming program.
  • Wash all produce thoroughly!
  • Avoid eating raw fish & undercooked meats.
  • Wash your hands with soap & water especially before you eat or prepare food.

Hydrate adequately with clean water: Some common parasites found in drinking water are Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Toxoplasma gondii, Dracunculus Medinensis & Entamoeba histolytica which is why it is crucial to hydrate with clean filtered water.

Rest & sleep: A reminder for any detox type protocol that it is okay to take a break & rest if you need it. When going through a parasite eradication protocol, as parasites die – they ooze out toxins, neurotoxins, heavy metals, viruses into the body. At this point your detoxification pathways should be open & your body should be prepared to expel this parasite sludge & bits out of the body – greatly reducing the chance that you’ll experience any die-off symptoms. However, sometimes pathogens & parasites are what is blocking pathways & organs from functioning optimally, & the chances of experiencing die-off symptoms increases. Die-off can look like aches, pains, anxiety, depression, breakouts, cravings, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, headache, GI upset, insomnia, stuffy nose, skin rash. If you need to rest – rest. Work with a practitioner & always have a plan for if & when die-off happens.

Utilize detox tools: Tools to have handy throughout your protocol & beyond > sunshine, grounding, nasal saline spray, detox baths, red light, enemas, castor oil packs, breathwork, binders, systemic enzymes, digestive enzymes, infrared saunas, solfeggio frequencies, movement, hot/cold packs, chiropractic care, essential oils, herbal teas, sleep, hydrate, dry brushing, myofascial release massage, rebounding, contrast showers & stress-relief.  

Monitor bowel movements: A habit to keep even beyond your protocol is to keep track of how often you are having a bowel movement & what it looks like – you can get a lot of information on what’s going on internally from your poop. Not required but a lot of people want to see parasites being passed so tools to keep on hand – plastic gloves, disposable trays & wooden chopsticks – remember a lot of parasites are microscopic so don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything.

Utilize mindset tools: healing is not linear & without a doubt, mindset has a significant impact on your journey. Mindset & emotions can be the most difficult part of healing & not something to put aside. Mindset tools to explore: creating a gratitude practice, prayer, journaling, meditation, positive affirmations, emotional freedom technique (EFT), emotion code, mind body spirit release (MBSR), forest bathing, breathwork, vagus nerve stimulation.

Fuel your body: limit sugars, grains, alcohol, processed foods & give your body a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods giving your body access to the vitamins & minerals it needs to operate optimally.  Consider adding some anti-parasite specific supportive foods

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