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Hi. I’m Sophia!

Like many in the health space, after seeing a loved one gaslighted by countless medical professionals led me to become an integrative health practitioner and learn how to interpret blood work and functional tests with a root cause detective lens. My goal is to help others through their own health challenges, partner with them as we uncover the root of their dis-ease, and help them reclaim their health.

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How to Get Started

I am excited to connect with you and honored at the opportunity to walk alongside you as you work toward your health goals. I am currently booked with 1:1 clients, & will open up a limited number of slots for new clients each month. 

Who is This Right For

  • Location – You are located in the United States & Canada 
  • You’re a Self Starter In an effort to keep costs lower and accessible, I offer one off consultations as you go through the order of operations. With this structure I am able to offer clients limited support within business hours (M-F). Any questions beyond a yes or no answer from your Practice Better portal should be booked as another appointment. In the future I am looking to add an option for a high-touch client package for those who need consistent guidance and communication.
  • You’re Committed – For every year you have felt unwell, expect on average 1-month minimum to restore balance. Understand that restoring balance will take a minimum of 4-6 months of work.

    Order of Operations & Remaining an Active Client – Bioresonance Scans are required as we move through the Order of Operations. We are doing our best to accommodate our waitlist in a timely manner, to help us manage our current client load only active clients will have access to Full Scans, Follow-Up Scans, and Consults. If you become inactive – and haven’t purchased a full or follow-up scan after 3 months of your last protocol – you will have to reapply through the waitlist.
  • You’re Able to Invest in your protocol, consults and testing as you go through the order of operations. Supplements are necessary; they each have a role. Expect around $200-$400+ worth of supplements per protocol.


Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, 2021

The 7 Disciplines of IHP

  1. Ayurvedic Medicine – The Science of Life.
  2. Bioregulatory Medicine – The Science of Self-Healing.
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbalism – Using the power of herbs and energy practice to enhance overall wellness.
  4. Eastern Philosophy – Using the Mind to Heal the Body.
  5. Traditional Naturopathy – Using “Right Living” to Rebalance the Body.
  6. Orthomolecular Medicine – The Right molecules in the right amounts.
  7. Functional Medicine – Helping people at a functional – not disease level.

Mission: “As an Integrative Health Practitioner I am a part of a greater community dedicated to serving those in need. I help people get well, lose weight, and finally feel alive again. I do not suppress symptoms, but rather heal the whole person using a truly integrative approach to natural health.”

Completed Master Blood Chem with Em. This course taught me how to read blood work from a functional perspective and identify patterns and potential issues in the body before they ever “show” on blood work. Typical lab ranges that our doctors refer to are ranges based on the sickest of the sick, so even though your blood work is “normal” is it optimal? This is so common and a huge point of frustration, people feel crappy, go to their doctors to get checked out and they run blood work, and all the numbers come back in range – all good nothing is wrong, yet you still feel like crap. Blood work can be a powerful tool to identify potential issues, not too expensive, and a good starting point to tackling root cause issues.

Emily also offers an MBCE 101 where you can learn about blood markers and what they can indicate in your body. Click to Learn More