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High-Quality Supplements

  • Earthley Wellness – My favorites are: Good Night Lotion, No More Yeast Salve, Oyster-Min (Whole-Food Source of zinc, and one of the richest in selenium and B12), Detox Bath, Digest-Support.
  • Perfect Supplements – My go-to for high-quality nutrient-dense desiccated liver – lab-tested and certified glyphosate residue-free.
    • Other favorites: Acerola Cherry Powder, Multi-Organs, Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil, Collagen, Chicken Bone Broth.

Pregnancy Prep

Hair, Skincare & Beauty

Food & Drinks

  • Purity Coffee – For the coffee lover in your life. Give them mold-free organic coffee that tastes amazing.
  • Kion Coffee – This coffee meets the highest standards for health and taste.
    • 100% Arabica
    • Medium Roast
    • Specialty Grade
    • USDA Certified Organic Coffee
  • Pique Tea – For the tea lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with these high-quality tea options. Click here to shop and get free shipping
  • HopTea – An unconventional combination of organic tea and hops make this drink a refreshing change that you’ll keep reaching for.


  • Branch Basics – This will replace pretty much all your cleaning products. You buy the cleaning concentrate and add to reusable bottles at different ratios to make everything from glass cleaner to bathroom cleaner. Affordable, non-toxic, sustainable and they work.
  • Force of Nature – what I use at home as a disinfectant in place of bleach. Link saves you $15 off & free shipping on Starter Kits & Value Bundles. Works as an excellent deodorizer as well.


  • Mama Sing My Song – Such a sweet gift to give for a birthday or for a pregnant mama.
  • Earth Box – What better way to make some memories than to start a garden and get your hands dirty.
  • Insect Lore Butterfly Kit – I have such fond memories of doing this kit with my niece’s. We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly and got to release them together.  


  • Immune Intel AHCC – AHCC® is an immune-modulator, so it gives your immune system a boost if it’s running too low (HPV, cancer, infection, etc). Likewise, if your immune system is in overdrive (lupus, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis), AHCC calms it down for you.
  • King Coffee – I was debating putting this in the drinks section but this is more than “just coffee.” The perfect combo of organic instant mold-free coffee paired with a medicinal dose of powerful immune-modulating ganoderma lucidum (reishi) spores.  
  • Strate Gene by Seeking Health – I just did this genetic report and it was so helpful. The report presents your genetic findings in Pathways. You’ll get an instant glimpse into how entire Pathways are impacted by your unique set of genetics.
  • Wellness Plus by Dr. Jess – She has courses on detox pathways, ozone, kill/bind/sweat, and more!
  • Med School for Moms Course – I don’t have kids yet but have gone through the complete bundles of courses Dr. Elana Roumell offers. The information was so helpful and something I will refer to over and over again. She offers courses that cover mindset, medicine, a mastery course that tackles common conditions your child may get sick from, how to treat your child with confidence as a Doctor Mom, and more. 

Detox Support Tools

  • Castor Oil Pack – Read my blog on why I love Castor Oil Packs
  • Dry Brushing Set
  • Coffee Enema Kit
  • Red Light Therapy – There are a few quality options, I have purchased and love BioLight because they have the lowest light flicker on the market (1Hz) and lowest EMF emission (0.0 µT @ 4”).
  • Relax Sauna – My hands-down favorite health purchase this year. My entire family and a handful of friends have tried it and all were hooked.
  • Cellcore Supplements – My favorite line of supplements to open drainage, support mitochondria, and kill parasites. You will need a practitioner code to gain access, DM me.

Gifts for Her

  • Gua Sha Collection – Each product is powerful on its own, but together they work synergistically to create a perfect canvas for the skin-changing benefits of facial gua sha.
  • Non-Toxic Candles – Who doesn’t love a good candle?
  • Hairprint Hair Color Restorer – Hairprint uses eight food grade ingredients and is safe to use while pregnant and nursing. Doesn’t dye hair but re-pigments gray hair back to its innate color. I use this about twice a year to blend in my grays, it does take a chunk of time to do but it’s worth it and doesn’t subject you to toxic chemicals. 
  • EMF Blocking Jewelry – I have been looking to add some frequency-imprinted jewelry that looks good. I have my eye on this stainless steel thin cable bracelet. 


  • Natural Earth Paint – 100% non-toxic Natural Earth Paint Kit creates a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed with water.
  • Let’s Make Art – Curated art kits for little artists of all skill levels.