Your Toxic Load

When I have this conversation with someone, it’s usually after they have a change in their health. It’s so important to realize this before your health becomes an issue – when it comes to true preventative health get familiar with your Toxic Load. The world we live in is beautiful but with modern advancements in [...]

Reducing Heavy Metal Exposure

⚙️ Avoid: 🚬, processed foods, canned food & drinks, chem-trails (can’t do a lot for this one) & certain medications, ointments or nasal sprays with mercury (it won’t say mercury so look for: thimerosal, phenylmercuric acetate, phenylmercuric nitrate, mercuric acetate, mercuric nitrate, merbromin, or mercuric oxide yellow.⚙️ Avoid: occupations/environments with high levels of exposure: construction, [...]

Post Plane Detox

Air travel exposes us to low levels of radiation and concentrated exposure to various electromagnetic fields from airport security screening machines, EMFs from the plane and fellow passenger tech items, and naturally occurring radiation from space, cosmic and solar radiation, produced by the stars and the sun. “You would be exposed to about 0.035 mSv (3.5 [...]