Supportive Foods During a Parasite Cleanse

My top food choices to incorporate before & during a parasite protocol, or great options for individuals who are unable to cleanse but still want to take advantage of foods that can weaken & disrupt parasites. Garlic 🧄 - has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties against bacteria, fungi, viruses, & parasites packed with sulfur compounds (alliin, allicin, [...]

Your Toxic Load

When I have this conversation with someone, it’s usually after they have a change in their health. It’s so important to realize this before your health becomes an issue – when it comes to true preventative health get familiar with your Toxic Load. The world we live in is beautiful but with modern advancements in [...]

Reducing Heavy Metal Exposure

⚙️ Avoid: 🚬, processed foods, canned food & drinks, chem-trails (can’t do a lot for this one) & certain medications, ointments or nasal sprays with mercury (it won’t say mercury so look for: thimerosal, phenylmercuric acetate, phenylmercuric nitrate, mercuric acetate, mercuric nitrate, merbromin, or mercuric oxide yellow.⚙️ Avoid: occupations/environments with high levels of exposure: construction, [...]