Why I Became a Practitioner

You can heal.

December 2, 2019 my husband Will, went to visit family in Mexico and got sick from his stomach pretty much right away, he tried to ignore it and just was going to wait until it passed. Except it didn’t. He “toughed” it out in Mexico – went to the doctors twice over there and finally couldn’t take it anymore. Fast forward to his return home on Christmas Day down 30 pounds and far from himself. This set us on the journey to regain his health.

Below is an abbreviated timeline of his journey for answers and help.

From the caregiver perspective I did my best to support him from making nourishing meals he could tolerate, countless hours of research, scheduling appointments, keeping his stress down the best I could. I think the most important thing I did was to not be another person to dismiss his feelings and downplay his pain. His biggest frustration over those first few months was that all tests came back as “normal” and he received a blanket diagnosis from four different physicians of “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” that came along with a prescription but nothing that addressed the root cause.

Why did this happen? Why now? I remember we had a conversation and I said to him “Will you be ok if we never get a name for what is wrong with you?” Since all bloodwork, tests, colonoscopy came back as clean/normal he was relieved but that quickly turned to fear and defeat, because he still didn’t feel like himself. Would this be something he had to live with forever? Through this community, I found multiple practitioners/healers/researchers/educators who share valuable information that helped me prepare questions for the doctors, research different protocols to present, and really gave us the courage to advocate for his health.

Looking back to just before he got sick – Will was not at his optimal health as far as diet, drinking, and his weight – so I think the trip was the last drop to overfill his toxicity bucket and his body reacted – badly. I wanted to try and take any stressors off his body to give it space to do its’ thing and heal. Five months into his healing journey we focused on foundational support for his body.

He did 30 days of a protocol focused on supporting drainage, nurturing the mitochondria, and lowering inflammation using products by Cellcore (hands-down the best). After the 30 days, we started a parasite protocol (cellcore) that spanned 3 months (to catch parasites at different life cycles) along with other support supplements and lifestyle changes. He has passed biofilm, mucoid plaque, and parasites almost daily – and started to feel better. It took nearly 7 months, but he is finally on his way back to himself!

I want to stress this – If you are struggling, if you are in pain, if you feel hopeless, it’s not in your head, you are not alone! Keep digging for answers. Get to the root cause. Don’t accept a superficial solution. You can heal.

Seeing my loved one searching for answers, inspired me to become a practioner so I could help my loved ones and my community. I became a certified Integrative Health Practioner (IHP) through the Integrative Health Practioner Institute taught by Stephen Cabral, BCN. I also trained under Emily Morrow, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) to interpret Blood Work through a root cause lens.

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  1. I am very interested in this protocol.
    Tell Will I am happy for his healing, and that I will call him later today.

    February 25, 2021 1246pm
    Damion “Damo” Lasley

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