My Morning Rituals

I put some energy toward giving my morning some structure with the goal of adding little actions to form habits that I can sustain. Creating a morning routine grounds me, allows me to reflect, set the tone for the day, nourish my body, & practice gratitude. I added a few new ones to address my specific mind & body needs but they will change with time. What is most important to me is that these bring me joy & center me so I can enter the day with a joyful & flexible spirit.

Oil Pulling – Giving my oral microbiome the TLC it deserves. I want to work up to 20 minutes, but oil pulling is challenging so for now my goal is 10 minutes followed by a tongue scrape & swishing with remineralizing tooth powder.

Hydrate – Water is so important for our bodies; I like to try & get at least 40 oz. of water before I head out the door. Water helps generate more oxygen in your body & get things moving. Water has been key to regulating my bowels movements as it stimulates movement in your bowels & helps jump start your metabolism.

Grounding & Morning Sun – Sun on your skin in the morning while your feet are touching the ground feels so amazing. I can feel my body charging up. Morning 🌞 & grounding have so many benefits from sleep to mitochondrial health.

Practice Gratitute – Taking the time to write down things I’m thankful for was hard at first, but the more I practiced it the easier it started to come to me. I started to notice things around me that I might take for granted. The warmth of my bed, the sound of water boiling, my niece calling me, yoga with my parents – it really is endless if you take the time to pause & think about it.

Eat Breakfast – I’m rarely hungry in the morning, but when hunger hits I’m ravenous, & my blood sugar tanks which often leads to me making quick choices – bag of chips or pasta are my go-to’s. This ritual is aimed at optimizing my digestion, stabilizing blood sugar levels, feeding my brain, & nourishing my body to give me energy that will last all day.

King Coffee – After I hydrate it’s coffee time for me! My coffee of choice is an organic coffee infused with reishi mushroom spores for an incredibly delicious & supportive cup of coffee.

What do you like to do in the morning?

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