Why I Use and Love King Coffee

I was introduced to King Coffee earlier this year when it was added to my root cause protocol by my practitioner to support my body as I addressed a few health issues before trying to conceive (hoping 2021 to start trying).

I already had an organic, mold & mycotoxin-free coffee that I loooovvvved! So, when I sampled King, I really didn’t want to like it, I had just bought a 5-lb bag of the other coffee so I was invested. However, when I tried it, it was over. I kicked my other coffee to the curb and ordered my own supply of King. At the time I was having 3-4 cups of coffee per day and it was messing with my sleep. But the worse I started to feel the more coffee I had the more I wanted. So, the King could not have come at a better time. I did not experience the jitters and anxiety I was having from the caffeine in my other coffee and my sleep got back on track if not better (I started to have dreams again).

It gave me energy – and it was not wired energy like I was used to but clean and steady energy. This coffee isn’t a cure for anything, but it is amazing for daily support and why not get the benefits of a powerhouse mushroom with your daily cup of organic coffee?! Plus when is the last time you forgot to have coffee?

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