Parasites, The Full Moon & You

 The Full Moon is an opportune time for a parasite maintenance protocol to target some more stealthy parasites that might come out to explore during the Full Moon due to their increase in activity. 

Like the moon has an effect on the ocean tides, the moon cycle also has an effect on our bodies’ levels of neurotransmitters, we experience a dip in melatonin, down-regulating our immune system & an increase in serotonin. 

Parasites use serotonin to move around, so this increase in serotonin available to them allows them to be more active & mobile in the body. They take advantage during this time to reproduce, feed, & create biofilms to protect themselves from the immune system. 

✅ If you have never done a comprehensive parasite protocol, it’s best to pair up with a practitioner for guidance, you never want to attempt to eradicate without proper prep work that includes attention to drainage, mitochondria, additional support for your detox organs & binders to greatly reduce or ideally eliminate die-off side-effects. 

✅ Also, if parasites are an issue for you & you’ve never addressed them, you’ll likely need a longer protocol to account for the parasite egg cycle that a week-long protocol wouldn’t cover. 

🐛 Because the chances of reinfection from our food🍣, water 💧 & environmental sources are so high, many people take a proactive approach & do a 3, 5 or 7-day parasite protocol periodically during the 🌕 Full Moon as part of their routine health maintenance to keep parasite levels in check. 

🌕 The week of the Full Moon is a good time to tune into your body & 🗒 note if you experience any increase in symptoms associated with out of balance parasite levels.

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