Wellness Guide

Where to Start?
How are you feeling? No matter where you are in your journey, close your eyes and take a breath, reflect on how far you have already come! I’m so glad you’re here and I hope this document can help save you time and provide you with resources and tips to help you along your journey. Also, there is a lot of information here, take what resonates with you but keep in mind we are all in different seasons so try not to be overwhelmed – none of this happens overnight. 

Don’t back down from being your own advocate & take responsibility over your health!
Disclaimer: None of the information in this document shall be taken as medical advice. 

Things You Can Start Today!

Support Drainage & Detoxification Pathways 

HYDRATION: Drink ½ your bodyweight in ounces of Filtered or Distilled (not your fridge or a Brita filter!) water with a pinch of high-quality mineral-rich salt or a product like CT Minerals
Other Water Additions I love:

Optimize Nutrition

  1. CUT GLUTEN – Gluten can cause inflammation and studies are showing even if you aren’t gluten intolerant it causes damage to the gut leading to Leaky Gut!
  2. AVOID GLYPHOSATE Easier said than done unfortunately! This is why eating organic when possible is one of the best ways to avoid glyphosate (Roundup). Glyphosate is incredibly toxic to our bodies, disrupts hormones, causes cancer and childhood disorders and we are being exposed through food and water sources. Eating organic drastically reduces your exposure to conventional pesticides.
  3. EAT ENOUGH – Our body needs fuel to function and heal. Eat enough and try and get a variety of foods to expose your gut to different good bacteria types and nutrients. 
  4. SPRINKLE IN NUTRIENT-DENSE FOODS – Organ Meats, Bee Pollen, Bone Broth, Mineral-Rich Salt, Oysters, Cod Liver.

Optimize Sleep

Reduce Your Toxin Bucket

As you work on removing sources of exposure and bringing down your toxin bucket, because you don’t want to continue adding to it (in the areas you can control) and repeating the cycle or feeding dis-ease in the body. A great next step would be to focus on your drainage pathways.

Address Areas of Exposure | Clean up the SOURCE! 


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  • Remove Endocrine Disruptors – What are Endocrine Disruptors? Many chemicals, both natural and man-made, may mimic or interfere with the body’s hormones, known as the endocrine system. These chemicals are linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, immune and other problems. Endocrine disruptors can contribute to depression.
    • Common Offenders: Plastic containers (when heated, particles of that plastic attach to liquids and other things like food that you then ingest), body lotions, tampons/pads, deodorant, perfume, body sprays, Teflon pans.Visit www.ewg.org/skindeep/ to find clean options or see what’s in your current products and how they could be adding to your toxin burden.
  • Indoor Air
    • Candles
    • Air Fresheners – my go to is essential oils by Doterra used with a diffuser or Grow Fragrance
    • Cleaning Products
      • Force of Naturewhat I use at home as a disinfectant in place of bleach. Link saves you $15 off & free shipping on Starter Kits & Value Bundles. Works as an excellent deodorizer as well.
    • Air Purifiers
  • What’s in Your Water?
    • Check your water source https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/ and see what the top contaminants are. Then find a filter suited to remove your local contaminants. If it is distilled or reverse-osmosis, make sure to remineralize before you drink.
    • Filter Shower & Bath Water if possible
    • Filter for your garden hose – I like the Boogie Brew attachment.
  • Makeup & Personal Care 
    • Oral Care 
      • Toothpaste – my favorite is Risewell because it’s a clean formula plus it has hydroxyapatite which will help remineralize teeth. 
      • Orawellness – I love their products as well, recommend the starter kit.
      • Oil Pulling Rinse – I use this oil pulling rinse daily but all their products look great. 
  • Fragrance
  • Laundry Room
    • Dryer Sheets
    • Bleach
    • Detergent  
  • Kitchen 
    • Wash Your Veggies! A common way we are exposed to parasites and bacteria is from our food. It is important to wash your fruit and vegetables before you consume them. 
      • I use the Therasage O3 Bubbler which is low Gamma O3 run through water to clean my fruit and vegetables. 
      • Or soak them in clean water and vinegar 

Questions you should ask daily: These questions can give you good insight into how well you are detoxing, If you’re not pooping, you’re not detoxing.
  1. Are you pooping daily?
  2. Are you sweating?
  3. How often are you peeing?
  4. How much water did I drink today?
  5. Was I able to get morning sunlight today?
  6. Was I able to get my bare feet on the earth today?
  7. Did I move my body today?
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Practice Gratitude – Where to Start? Download Some Prompts

Tools & Brands I Love

  1. King Coffee – One of my favorite swaps I have made! I love coffee and I had already been drinking a mold-tested organic brand but it still spiked my cortisol and gave me anxiety (but it tasted so good). Switching to King Coffee helped me get back on track without having to give up coffee. King allows me to drink coffee and not get the jitters – why? Because each sachet has organic, mold-free instant coffee blended with high-quality potent reishi spores. Reishi mushrooms and their extracts have the ability to modulate immune cells, they also have activities that can act directly on harmful microorganisms. Ganomcins from reishi mushrooms has been shown to inhibit the growth of methicillin resistant bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and others! It’s a powerful immune-modulator with adaptogenic properties. 
  2. Mindset Tools:
  3. Food, Snacks, Pantry Staples:
    • Thrive Market – You pay an annual membership and get access to hundreds of brands and you can filter by organic, gluten-free etc. 
    • Mountain Rose Herbs – High-quality bulk tea, herbs, spices, dried mushrooms and more. 
    • Azure Standard – Bulk food, spices and more high-quality options, see if they have a delivery drop near you! 
    • Crucial Four – love their mineral-rich salt and mMagBicarb. Sourcing, quality & testing is on point. 
  4. Detox Tools: 

Order High-Quality Supplements: 

Doctors Supplement Store –  www.DSSOrders.com/SophiaCrystalWellness
Use Registration Code: SR2553
Save 10% on your first order: HCPC2553WELCOME

Cellcore https://cellcore.com/
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Wellevate https://wellevate.me/crystalwellness

For me personally, I will be taking the below four types of supplements forever & I find most people can also benefit from them.  

  1. Minerals – our food & water are so deficient in minerals because of filtration and because the soil has been stripped of nutrients. 
    • https://cellcore.com/  |  Use Registration Code: 92PFGkzO  |   Save 15% on all orders – give me 24 hours to apply the discount, email me if there are issues. 
  2. Binder – BioToxin Binder by Cellcore
    • https://cellcore.com/  |  Use Registration Code: 92PFGkzO  |   Save 15% on all orders – give me 24 hours to apply the discount, email me if there are issues.  
  3. Multivitamin – in place of a multivitamin which could drive down other minerals in the body if you don’t know what your ratios are, I prefer to supplement with whole food options when possible. In place of a “Multivitamin” I like high-quality Dessicated Beef Liver Capsules – I like this brand by Perfect Supplements because of their sourcing & testing. 
  4. *Gut Support – especially if you still consume gluten, gut support will be helpful to keep leaky gut at bay.