Testing Options

Health is a journey, not a destination.

Required: Bio Resonance Scan by Rooted in Wellness Co.

I love Bio Resonance scans as a non-invasive option (Hair & Saliva) that provides insight into the most stressed organs in the body, food, and environmental sensitivities, key nutritional and hormonal imbalances, energetic toxins, and more.

My clients have access to Wellness Kristy’s Bio Resonance Scans & Add-on Scans. Kristy is incredibly knowledgeable about root-cause issues. She combines her knowledge of the order of operations when approaching root causes and pairs it with her extensive background in Bioenergetic testing to help bring the body into balance.

This option is ideal for clients who are sensitive, children, or if you have been self-navigating, have solid foundations in place and are ready to peel back layers of dysfunction.

Please only join the waitlist, if you are committed to the process & implementing your tested protocol & steps toward healing. If you are not able to do that, the support I am able to provide will be extremely limited.

Optional: Functional Blood Chemistry

Blood chemistry is a great affordable & customizable option to give insight into areas that need additional attention or support when it comes to the foundations of health and what is happening in the cell.

  • How well is our body doing at blood sugar handling?
  • How well are we nourishing our body?
  • How is our digestion doing?
  • Any indications of nutritional deficiencies?
  • Are there indications of dehydration?

*Note: Out of Pocket Only / Insurance Not Accepted. Available in US only. Not Available in NY, NJ or RI.

  • Blood draw appointments are at LabCorp – click here to see locations near you
  • Once you purchase a panel I will send you instructions on how to prepare, before your lab draw appointment

Q: Can I Order These Through My PCP?

Another option is to order a panel through your insurance/primary care provider. I can give you a list of markers I like to see to take to your primary care provider. Please note, that this is an option, however, going this route can sometimes end up costing more than if you chose to pay out of pocket if the insurance company denies your PCP request to run the test/markers. Please contact your insurance company before.

I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose or treat. These testing options are not to be used as a diagnostic tool. They are helpful tools for identifying potential imbalances and/or determining your energetic health.