Our bodies are made to deal with and excrete toxins. However, in today’s toxin-laden environments our exposure to toxins can surpass our body’s ability to keep up and filter and dump them fast enough. The overflow of toxins becomes a burden on our bodies and can inhibit us from functioning at optimal levels, and if left unchecked can even reduce life longevity. The majority of chronic illness is caused by an overwhelming burden of toxins and infections that the body simply can no longer handle on its own.

The concept of “detoxing” is not a 7-day juice cleanse or a sweat challenge but rather a lifestyle built on small foundational changes aimed at reducing our exposure to toxins and supporting the body’s natural ability to detox and in many cases regain proper function on its own.

As we work together I’ll help you learn the steps to take to set your protocol foundation: address inflammation, open up your drainage and detox pathways, support the mitochondria and the gut. After drainage and foundations are addressed many can move to eradicate parasites, chronic infections, flush out toxins, heavy metals and mold.

Foundations Protocol Package

Initial 60 Minute Session Includes Blood Work Review & Foundations Protocol:

During Foundation we will focus on drainage; get the bowels moving, support the mitochondria, nourish the kidneys & liver, & make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to start healing, add a binder in, bust biofilms, we will also touch on food, environment and any targeted support needed.

In Foundations, our goal is to put in place a strong foundation of support paying special attention to the body’s detox pathways before we tackle a targeted detox protocol.

Before Our Appointment:

  • Blood Work Labs (2 Options)
    • Full Custom Bloodwork Basic Wellness Panel
    • Full Custom Bloodwork Wellness Plus Panel
  • Complete Signs & Symptoms & Health History for Evaluation to Prioritize Support Needed
  • Provide Previous Labs or Documents

During Our Appointment:

  • Blood Work Lab Review, I’ll go over any markers that are red flags and what they indicate
  • Foundations Protocol to set up the body for success and any adjustments needed to current supplements or diet & lifestyle (You’ll remain on Foundations for 30-45 days typically)
  • Review of any previous labs or documents you already have
  • Access to my online portal for supporting documents, supplement dispensary access & continued support throughout your protcol