Dynamic Balance of Minerals

Minerals are important to balance the body & give it the spark⚡️ it needs to perform optimally. This visual shows how one element has a relationship & effect on the others. Zinc & copper – the two have a relationship & compete against one another as antagonist to regulate the physiological pathways in the body. Both are essential nutrients but can cause problems if they are out of balance. Too little zinc & copper can start to elevate & lead to copper toxicity.

You will see some of the toxic heavy metals & their effect on essential minerals – ⚙️cadmium a toxic heavy metal & widespread environmental contaminant – it displaces zinc – it is common to see cadmium creep up when there are deficiencies in zinc. When dealing with a chronic infection, you have a higher demand for zinc – further tipping the scale out of balance giving cadmium an opportunity to accumulate.

There are also pathogens that ❤️ metals & are allowed to flourish to protect the body from toxicity (Parasites 🐛 feast on toxic metals⚙️). Candida loves mercury & can protect the body from mercury toxicity. Another pathogen – H. Pylori has a connection with the toxic heavy metal – cadmium. If you suffer from recurrent infections (parasites/candida/H. pylori) look at toxic heavy metals ⚙️ as possible contributors.

Not only do mineral levels need to be optimal they must be in balance. This balance of nutrients for the body is intricate & more difficult to achieve because the main source of these nutrients – our food – unfortunately has been so tampered with ☹️.

Since the introduction of corporate toxicants🏭, industrial agriculture practices, pesticides (1970/Glyphosate was discovered to be an herbicide & brought to market in 1974 as Roundup), GMOs & lack of beneficial microbes & nutrients in the soil – leaving food with fewer vitamins & minerals compared to crops 50 yrs. ago.

The body wants vital physiological minerals & if it gets plenty of these through food/water (& they can be absorbed), they will provide significant protection against toxic heavy metals that are ingested & keep our minerals in balance giving the body the spark it needs⚡️.

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