How Full is Your Bucket?

We are constantly & most often unknowingly exposed to toxicants from our environment, food, water, air pollution, household cleaners, pesticides, personal care products, heavy metals & more. Even our own body produces toxins & waste during normal body functions.

We have organs and systems responsible for changing toxins, toxicants & excess hormones into less harmful chemical compounds that are easier for the body to eliminate – a process called metabolic detoxification. Behind the scenes, your liver, kidneys, intestinal system, lymphatic system, lungs & sweat glands work to process & excrete these contaminants to prevent them putting a burden or accumulating within the body.

The body is amazing & usually effective at doing this, however several factors influence how fast your bucket fills up & how efficient it is at not overflowing:  

️- Environment/Lifestyle. What’s the amount of toxicants you are exposed to? 

-️ Genetic Variance. What is your individual ability to produce detox enzymes necessary for processing these compounds?

-️ Deficiencies. Does your body have the needed amount of nutrients specifically detox supporting nutrients to support metabolic detoxification?

Your personal toxin body burden is different from the next person. If your body is not able to effectively perform metabolic detoxification & you’re not able to clear them quickly or efficiently enough you may reach your personal limit of accumulation & begin to experience symptoms & health issues such as: inflammation, allergies, fatigue, fertility/hormonal issues, cognitive difficulties, weight gain, insulin resistance & more.  

We can make small changes that will help prevent our body from becoming overwhelmed by reducing our exposure to toxicants, show our detox & elimination pathways some ️ love, & getting the necessary nutritional fuel for the pathways involved in the processing & elimination of toxins/toxicants to perform efficiently. 

Another HUGE part that needs to be included when we look at supporting healing is getting the body into a parasympathetic dominant state by reducing stress & getting adequate sleep so your body can repair & heal.

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