Wellness Gift Ideas

Need some gift inspiration? Head to the link in bio for my full gift idea roundup (I’ll keep updating). These are some of my favorite things, that are on my list to buy for my loved ones (& maybe myself 😬).

@piquetea – For the tea lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with these high quality tea options.

King Coffee – I was debating putting this in the drinks section on the site but this is more than “just coffee.” The perfect combo of organic instant mold-free coffee paired with a medicinal dose (250mg) of powerful immune-modulating ganoderma lucidum (reishi) spores.

Hydrate by @goodonyaorganic – This is a staple in our house. High quality ingredients, tastes great & an easy way to add flavor & drink more 💧 while getting MINERALS + ELECTROLYTES.

Immune Intel AHCC- AHCC® by @getmimifit is an immune-modulator, so it gives your immune system a boost if it’s running too low (HPV, cancer, infection, etc). Likewise, if your immune system is in overdrive (lupus, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis), AHCC calms it down for you.

@cellcorebiosciences – My favorite line of supplements to open drainage, support mitochondria & kill parasites. They are offering a never before seen 25% off deal!

Med School for Moms Course- I don’t have kids yet but have gone through the complete bundles of courses @drelanaroumell offers. The information was so helpful & something I will refer to over & over again. She offers courses that cover mindset, medicine, a mastery course which tackles common conditions your child may get sick from & how to treat your child with confidence as a Doctor Mom, & more.

The Original OO Necklace by @osmiaorganics – Mom & I have matching necklaces & we always get compliments.

Strate Gene by @seeking.health – I just did this genetic report and it was so helpful. The report presents your genetic findings in Pathways. You’ll get an instant glimpse into how entire Pathways are impacted by your unique set of genetics.

@naturalearthpaint – 100% non-toxic Paint Kit creates a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed w/H2O.

@relax_saunas – My hands-down favorite health purchase this year. My favorite form of self care.

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