Health Tool Highlight – DNA Kit

I wanted an in-depth look into my own unique biochemistry & any inherited genetic variations that can cause me problems, so I bought the StrateGene® DNA kit. This genetic report created by @drbenlynch, a leading authority in epigenetic research & education is different from others because it integrates research of not only genetic variations but also how each gene is influenced by lifestyle, diet & the environment.

The StrateGene® Report is comprehensive & pairs well with the info you learn from the book #DirtyGenes which comes with this kit in addition to other tools to help you get the most out of the report. I learned that some of our genes naturally work slower & some work faster – not necessarily in a good or bad way – since genes work together as a team. It’s more like – once you know better, you can do better kind of way. With what you learn about your genes from the report, you can make targeted changes to your environment, mindset, food & lifestyle that will affect the way your genes function for the better or worse.

An important take-away from the book that @drbenlynch stresses is “Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny.” Even though we inherit our genes & we can’t get new ones, we can influence how our genes express themselves. Once you understand what makes your specific genes “dirty” & how your choices impact you, you can begin to make different choices from an informed place.

While we have approximately 25,000 genes in our DNA, there are only a few that you need to focus on for understanding how to influence your health using epigenetics. Dr. Ben Lynch calls these the Super Seven Genes (NOS3 (heart issues)/PEMT (liver/cells)/DAO (sensitivity)/MTHFR (the mother of all genes)/GST/GPX (detox)/MAOA (brain/mental health)/COMT (mood/hormones). With this report as my roadmap, I can see how my genes are impacted by everyday influences like diet, stress, infection, inflammation, environmental toxins, sleep, exercise & nutritional deficiencies. This is an excellent tool to continue to drive me towards a deeper understanding of how my body works & how I can best support it. 

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